Ernie Reyes -Dragon Warrior

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Ernie Reyes
Lapu Lapu
27" x 17"
Embossed Mixed Media Print
Price:  $175

Master Ernie Reyes Sr. world renowned martial artist and actor portrays the Legendary Lapu Lapu.

Ernie Reyes, Sr. “Lapu Lapu” was the King of Mactan Island and known as the first Filipino hero.   Magellan “discovered” the Philippines and claimed it for Spain in 1521.    He first set foot in Limasawa, an island in Leyte and immediately took control of the whole archipelago, by virtue of “discovery”.   While in Cebu Magellan heard about an island king who did not want to show allegiance to Spain nor would he pay tribute to the conquerors.   This angered Magellan and with 60 men sailed to Mactan Island in Cebu.   In Mactan, the bolo and kris wielding Filipinos met the alien invaders for the first time.   In the skirmish that ensued Magellan was wounded critically resulting in his retreat.   News spread that Lapu Lapu defeated Magellan. This emboldened the Filipinos in Cebu and they themselves drove the Spaniards back.   And for 54 years thereafter no Spaniard dared to set foot on Philippine soil. 

History of Philippine Independence June 12, 1898

The Philippines, a country colonized by Spain by the powers of the sword and the cross for more than 300 years,  first unfurled it’s flag on the morning of June 12, 1898.   General Emilio Aguinaldo declared Philippine Independence before a huge crowd at his home in Kawit,  Cavite   : “We proclaim and solemnly declare,   in the name and by authority of the inhabitants of all these Philippine Islands,  that they are and have a right to be free and independent  . . .”

The June 12 event is a very significant moment in the history of the Philippines as it marks the independence from the chains of Spanish oppression.

Today, Filipinos in the Philippines and elsewhere remember this day with a renewal of nationalism and pride as they celebrate this major milestone.    More importantly,  it is an event that commemorates the Filipinos who struggled and fought - sacrificing their life - in order that their native land be free again.

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